Hunt Communications a Luxury Consumer PR Agency and Duty To Care, mental health charity

Harriet Hunt

Today I am absolutely thrilled to interview Harriet Hunt, Founder of Hunt Communications. She is someone I admire greatly due to her work ethic and client centred and considered approach in the field of luxury marketing and PR.

She doesn’t just focus on driving media visibility for your luxury business. She will look at your whole business model and offering and with complete honesty, let you know the areas you may need to work on to become media and PR ready.

Harriet and I ran a few rooms on Clubhouse about luxury PR and not only did I marvel at her expertise which she delivered in a very personable manner, she was also able to attract other luxury PR professionals into the room, delivering immense value.

You can listen to my interview with her here

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ABOUT Harriet Hunt

Harriet works with some of the world’s most authoritative press, high-level influencers and thought-leaders to position the brands she works with strategically.

Her experience across the luxury sector, particularly in fashion and lifestyle, travel and hospitality, interiors and bridal brands, means that she is able to offer her clients innovative solutions that come from the cross pollination of their different intellectual capital.

Once she establishes what your purpose and your why is, she will suggest ways to communicate it in a way that resonates and creates a deep emotional response in your target audience. Harriet also co-founded the charity, Duty to Care, an organisation that provides wellbeing support via online consultation to improve and sustain the mental health and wellbeing of healthcare professionals.

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