Luxury News Weekly Podcast Season 2 Episode 4

In this podcast, the last of our second season of Luxury News Weekly Podcast we take a look at what we consider to be the top luxury news stories of 2022.


Elizabeth Solaru

Elizabeth Solaru

Simba Wakatama

Simba Wakatama

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Bottega Veneta Takes Over Great Wall of China

To celebrate the year of the tiger, the Italian fashion house has taken over a part of the Great Wall of China for a unique celebration of sorts. Select portions of the wall are now sporting the Bottega Veneta logo, as well as the message of “Happy New Year”.

The installation utilises the brand’s signature green alongside a tangerine coloured orange for the maximum eye-catching effect. While as outlandish as it is, it’s not the first time the brand has taken a unique approach to marketing. In February of 2021, the brand decided to deactivate all of its social media in an attempt to “allow social media users to drive the conversation around the brand”.

Naturally, this indulgent marketing stunt has ruffled some feathers online due to its use of a culturally important landmark, with many Twitter users remarking the installation is both “tacky” and “insensitive”. However, many Chinese thought it was cool and exciting and it brought attention to one of the wonders of the world.

The $1.7Million Porche Daniel Mac wishes he spotted

A 1964 Porsche 904 GTS that once belonged to Robert Redford, the star of All the President’s Men is scheduled to go up for bid next month as part of Bonham’s Les Grandes Marques du Monde a Paris auction. The vehicle isn’t just noteworthy because of its one-time owner—it’s also a wonderfully maintained example of one of the best-looking race cars of the era.

If you’d like to bring Redford’s 904 GTS back to America, you’ll have your chance when it hits the auction block on Feb. 3. Prepare to spend big, though: Bonhams expects the car to sell for somewhere between $1.5 million and $1.7 million.

Why Hermès hates NFTs at the moment

Following its cease and desist letter to Mason Rothschild, the artist behind the MetaBirkins NFTs, Hermes has now taken the artist to court, according to The Fashion Law.

Inspired by Hermès’ famed Birkin bag, the digital creator made his first NFT Birkin bag in collaboration with artist Eric Ramirez. Launched by shopping and social platform Basic Space, the bag sold for $47,000 USD (which is just under 13 Etheruem currently). Following the inaugural Birkin bag NFT, Rothschild created MetaBirkins, which is a collection of 100 unique Birkin-inspired NFTs. The array of bags features a wide variety of vibrant colors, textures and fine art-inspired designs. At this time, Rothschild claims that MetaBirkins has a trade volume of $1.1 million USD, according to the MetaBirkins Rarible page.

This case will definitely be watched very closely by the luxury community as to many, the artist looks to have pushed the boundaries of copyright and trademark infringement.

The $125Million Mushroom Leather Company Used By Hermes

MycoWorks, a company making a fungal-based biomaterial that can replace leather, brought in a fresh round of funding — $125 million in Series C financing — to fund a production plant for scaling the manufacture of its flagship product Reishi.

CEO Matt Scullin says what his company is doing in terms of fabrics is different from its competitors, touting the company’s Fine Mycelium process as “a biotechnology platform that engineers mycelium to grow the only made-to-order, made-to-specification luxury material.”

MycoWorks launched its first partnership with Hermès in early 2021 and now has contracts in place with a range of major global luxury brands. Scullin told me that if it is a luxury brand you have heard of, the company is probably partnering with them.

Despite its initial workings in the luxury space, MycoWorks also aims to move toward mass scale production that would enable products at a range of price points. The funding will enable the company to do this, Scullin said.

Thierry Mugler Genre Busting French Fashion Designer, Dead

French fashion designer Thierry Mugler has died at the age of 73, his representatives have announced.

He was known for designs with broad shoulders and sharp tailoring, inspired by 1940s and 50s glamour.

Mugler’s designs were worn by stars including David Bowie and Lady Gaga. He created many stage costumes for Beyoncé and in 2019 designed Kim Kardashian’s famous “wet dress” for the Met Gala.

In later years, his brand became famous for perfumes, such as Angel and Alien.
Born Manfred Thierry Mugler in 1948 in Strasbourg, France, he was a talented performer and by the age of 14 was a dancer with the Ballet du Rhin. He was also an acrobat and fashion model.

With an early interest in making his own clothes, Mugler opened his first boutique in Paris during the 1970s.
Mugler’s agent told AFP that he had been planning to announce new collaborations in the week of his death.

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