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Welcome to the Luxury Business Emporium, the home of Luxury Business Mastery.

Are you dreaming about starting your luxury business or maybe you’ve been running your business for a number of years but you don’t seem to be attracting the high end and luxury clients you want? You may have tried many strategies, or paid for many courses and an expensive website but nothing seems to work. In fact you are on the verge of giving up as you don’t seem to be making any headway. Maybe you feel that your sector of the luxury industry is saturated and you think there is no way you can build the business of your dreams.

My name is Elizabeth Solaru, founder of the Luxury Business Emporium, which I created in response to the question I always get asked the most by fellow business owners. Yes, you’ve guessed it – ‘how do I find luxury clients?’. You may have heard of my very successful luxury cake company, Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium. I started my cake company on a wing and a prayer with an old Kenwood mixer and £40 in the bank.

To cap it all, it was right in the middle of a huge recession, (similar parallels with what the world is going through right now), with the future abruptly disrupted. At the beginning, I had no idea of how to reach out to, let alone effectively market to luxury clients. Over the years, I managed this feat, as my clients now include national and international royalty, billionaires and A list celebrities. My work has taken me to places I could only dream of, including the best palaces and venues around the world (sometimes flying there on private jets) and I have also worked on yachts in the middle of nowhere.

Known as a pioneer in the industry, I have been published in the very best international magazines and blogs such as Vogue, Tatler, Hello, Wedluxe, Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post. I have also spoken at luxury conferences, judged competitions all over the world, appeared on BBC radio and on TV programmes such as Who’d be a Billionaire, The Best Christmas Food Ever on the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky TV. I have worked with brands like Harrods and Fendi and my cakes also got featured in Sony’s very successful remake of My Best Friend’s Wedding. In addition to winning numerous awards, I was named one of the Masterful 100 in the world alongside brands like Rolls Royce, Cartier, Bentley and Baccarat. However, the achievement closest to my heart is the successful self publication of my best-selling luxury cake book, OPULENCIA – Artisan Baking and Sugarcraft.

I also accomplished a number of things on my bucket list, spreading my wings by planning exclusive events and viral luxury wedding editorials such as Frida Kahlo, Tulip Fever and Parchment and Gold. From very humble beginnings, I’ve succeeded in my industry due to lots of hard work, tenacity and huge amounts of perseverance. BUT I also came to the realisation that there was a practical and replicable methodology to how I did it.

The great news is that this methodology can be applied to ANY small business, so anyone who wants to sell to the luxury market can do it too. I’m so excited to share what I did with you with the hope that it inspires you and gets you to take action and build the luxury business of your dreams.

The luxury business emporium is the first online luxury business school and resource for those who want to learn the secrets of selling in the luxury space

Therefore if you

  • Feel stuck in a rut and want to start a new luxury business or grow an existing one
  • Want to stand out from the crowd and truly serve the luxury market but you are unsure of how to do so
  • Dream of selling your products and services to high end clients but you can’t seem to find them
  • Need help in making yourself visible to the luxury market
  • Are completely fed up of working so hard and spreading yourself thin for clients who do not value what you offer
  • Haven’t got a clue about how to attract, talk less of retain the right kind of affluent clients
  • Have been business for a while and you are now ready to break into the luxury market

If this sounds like you and you have decided that there will be no more procrastinating and you are ready to take action, then you have come to the right place!