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I certainly wasn’t born into luxury however I grew up having an appreciation for it. Prior to pursuing my passion as a cake maker in the luxury market, I had two other successful careers which seemed diametrically opposed. The short version is that first, I became a Scientist working for many years saving lives in the NHS. Then after doing an MBA, I went on to become a Headhunter recruiting CEOs, Chairpersons and board level executives in the private and public sectors.

Life, I’ve found, is a lot like cake – the more delicious and complementary layers there are to it, the more exciting it becomes. In a good way my track record of transitioning from one completely different career path to another gave me the skills to succeed in the luxury market but I did not know it at the time.

Luxury business emporium coaching and business strategies that work

The early years...

The early years of my cake business were really rough. I started my business in the middle of a recession, so not many people were taking my calls or my requests for meetings. I had no money or contacts. I said yes to everything, afraid to turn business down. I was eager to please, desperate for the smallest morsel of approval. In turn I became overworked and frustrated with very little to show for my efforts.

Then I had a light bulb moment. In trying to be everything to everyone, I became nothing to no one. I reviewed my contacts, branding, marketing, systems, processes, designs, and a whole lot more. Yes, my face may not match my cakes but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I noticed that I got the best responses and appreciation from the very few high end luxury clients who recognised great craftsmanship and they were always happy to pay for the delivery of great value.

Luxury business emporium coaching and business strategies that work

Leap of faith...

Taking the leap into the luxury market was by no means the easiest or smoothest of transitions. Self doubt, what my competitors seemed to be doing, new shiny object syndrome etc got in the way. But I persisted as I had to put food on my table. I simply had to make it work. I loved the process of learning and discovery as my focus shifted to my ideal luxury clients and how to best serve their needs. The who, what, where and why. Discovering the different types of luxury clients and their buyer behaviour.

Discovering what makes them tick and what they value. It must have worked because I came to the attention of Her Majesty the Queen’s cousin who is a world renowned party planner. This led to a number of other mind blowing opportunities with other royal families.

Swim together or sink alone...

As a former Scientist it’s not enough to have a theory or hypothesis. It’s got to be tested and replicated again and again to be proven. While building up my business, I coached and mentored many of my colleagues in the luxury wedding industry including event planners, hoteliers, couture dress designers, photographers, caterers, and fellow cake makers. It gave me joy to see them climb up the ladder as they built up their luxury brands. Zig zigler once said “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

This was quite true for me. It turns out that I also had a knack for spotting and developing up and coming talent, a transferable skill from my Headhunting days. Little did I know that what I was doing was performance coaching and transformational coaching, watching people blossom as they applied my strategies and methodologies.

Luxury business emporium coaching and business strategies that work

When one teaches, many learn...

I started thinking about the possibility of teaching people what I knew about building a successful luxury business when you have little resources at your disposal. However, I was worried about being seen as just ‘a cake maker’ so I expanded my horizons. I also started consulting and gave business talks at corporate banks and organisations like JP Morgan and GTBank and also at major conferences abroad in countries including France, Germany, Vienna, Italy, Morocco, Switzerland and Lagos. My work has also taken me to Number 10 Downing Street.

In order to extend my reach and create luxury content with authenticity that resonates, I also planned and created beautiful luxury editorial shoots which got featured in a ton of blogs and magazines like Japanese Vogue and Tatler, and a few of them even went viral.

Luxury business emporium coaching and business strategies that work

Live your dreams...

It would be an honour to help you luxcelerate your business and awaken your worth. What I teach is practical and most importantly it works, because it is authentic, verifiable and it promises no quick fixes. No fudging, no smoke and mirrors! I know you are ready to do the work or else you would not have bothered to read all this.

Just know that I will be with you every step of the way, the way I wish someone was there for me when I started out. So I want you to go ahead and download my free resource on 5 Ways to Find and Sell to High End Clients   to get you started.