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Coaching Programmes


This is a highly intensive and focused session with the sole purpose of working quickly and decisively to produce results. Ideal for when you are in a rut or overwhelmed. Prior to the meeting, you will fill in an assessment questonnaire and over zoom we will devise an action plan to help you move forward.

Your Investment £1000

Coaching Programmes


Wouldn’t it be great just to spend one whole day working with me on your luxury business?

Imagine a day with no telephone calls, no emails or social media vying for your attention, and no distractions.

I created this Strategy Day in response to a need I know most business owners have. It’s a day to just focus on yourself and your business. A day to envision and plan for the next 12 months uninterrupted. However, just because we will be giving your business and seriousness it deserves doesn’t mean we can’t make it fun.

We will work in an exclusive London hotel uninterrupted with a delicious lunch to boot. Included will be an actionable road map, 5 hours of personalised coaching, and two 30-minute calls one to two months after our time together.

Your Investment £2000

Coaching Programmes


At some point, we all need more help with our business and one-off coaching may not be enough. You may need a longer journey.

I will work with you during this process and we will have very honest and open conversations. We will design a 30-day structured program that takes you through a defined process in order to achieve tangible results.

I will not just be a to-do list nanny. It’s about holding you accountable and helping you build that lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.

Prior to working with me, there will be an initial detailed assessment. Next we will map out your bespoke strategic plan and break it down into actionable points. This will be followed by three one-hour coaching sessions AND weekly check-ins where you will be held accountable. We will also work through any roadblocks as we simultaneously build your confidence and skills.

Your Investment £4000

Coaching Programmes


Taking your business to the next level requires a certain amount of readiness including being ready for change no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

This requires a deeper level of introspection as well as forward AND retrospective thinking. Designing your own bespoke coaching plan over a period of six months will enable us to take an in-depth look at you as a person and also at your business, building a fantastic strategic plan that centres on your all-important clients and their customer journey.

Included in this plan will be my future casting system used by many top luxury brands.

Price on Application