Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Azeem Digital on his podcast. It all started when I responded to his shout out on Twitter. I never thought I’d get a response back from him but a few weeks later, he booked me as a guest speaker.

The bulk of our discussion was around luxury marketing and how luxury businesses attract rich clients. Luxury marketing for small businesses is as much an art as well as a science and we explored the strategies that drive high end sales.

We also spoke about my journey and how I came to be a luxury business mastery coach and strategist. Prior to pursuing my passion as a cake maker in the luxury market, I had two other successful careers which seemed diametrically opposed. The first was as a Scientist working for many years saving lives in the NHS. Then after doing an MBA, I went on to become a Headhunter recruiting CEOs, Chairpersons and board level executives in the private and public sectors.

In the podcast, you will find out:
  • What exactly luxury marketing is
  • How luxury marketing differs from traditional marketing
  • Mistakes I’ve personally made in the past marketing to rich clients
  • How to attract rich clients to your luxury business
  • Tips for people considering moving into this area
  • How to deal with competitors in the luxury space

…and much more!

Azeem really enjoyed recording this episode as this is an area of marketing he had been keen to learn more about and I was very flattered to know that I did not disappoint with the practical tips I shared and with my knowledge.

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If you would like me to appear on your podcast or as a speaker contact me at elizabeth@luxurybusinessemporium.com