I am delighted to finally share something I’ve been sitting on for a while. A few months back, I responded to Rachel Lankester founder of Magnificent Midlife call out for podcast guests. I was surprised to get a response from her as she received a ton of messages and had so many people to choose from.

Anyway, a date was set and I recorded the podcast. I absolutely loved her manner and interview style and we had a blast! She was full of amazing tips and advice off-camera which I treasure dearly.

She thought my story was fascinating as I spoke about my multiple reinventions including a new one accelerated by the global pandemic. She called me the mistress of creating opportunities out of challenges and I am definitely using that as one of my taglines.

We spoke about:
  • My careers before cake-making
  • Being a microbiologist and working for the health service
  • The trauma of child loss
  • Why I went back to business school to study for an MBA
  • How I got my break as a Headhunter (Thank you Hamish Davidson)
  • Making the leap into luxury cake making
  • Famous clients and exotic locations
  • Coping during Covid when your business is wedding cakes
  • Being open to possibility and curious about how to fix issues
  • Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

And more!

To connect with Rachel email her at rachel@magnificentmidlife.com and visit her website at magnificentmidlife.com where you will find her offering midlife mentoring, courses, online membership programs and other resources.