My latest guest is Reg Athwal, the Executive Chairman of The Athwal Organization & Family Office (TAO Legacy), the Founder & Chairman of RTS Global Partners (RTS:; Founder & Chief Educator of the Family Business Academy (http://www.familybusiness.acad…); and the Founder & Chief Mentor for latest venture and spin-off Fobillion, a private global advisory board and legacy club with UHNW Billionaire Families from 1st to 7th Generation located in 10+ countries. RTS has also invested in developing two EdTech platforms launching in early 2022 – the FamilyBusinessApp and Kinidify, to add value to millions of family firms.

I first ‘met’ Reg when I drifted into one of his rooms on Clubhouse, the social media audio app. I loved his deep knowledge and love for all things family business and the way he built a high value community that encourages and supports one another. 

He is that rare individual, wise (no wonder a number of billionaires have him on speed dial) and a true polymath. It is no wonder that he has coached and mentored many with great results.

This podcast episode is one of my favourites and you can listen to it here :…


Reg is currently privately retained as a Global Mentor & Trusted Board Advisor by many entrepreneurs and family businesses, which he strategically supports via the Managing Partners at ‘RTS’ with their respective clients. He has personally advised 180 family business groups to date from 1st to 12th generation. His philosophy is built upon One Family – One Legacy, by putting Family First to drive harmony and unity for any family who operates a business.

Prior to becoming an authority in the family business industry over 20 years, Athwal has built numerous start-up and fast-growth businesses since the age of 17, and bounced back from bankruptcy at the age of 21 to build his first million-dollar company by age 26. Athwal comes from a family business bloodline, started in India in 1919 by his Grandfather.

He is a World Certified Public Educator & Speaker (1 of 500 globally), the Past President of the ‘Professional Speakers Association’ of the United Kingdom, Fellow Member of the ‘Professional Speakers Association’ and the Founding Chairman & Past President of the ‘Professional Speakers Association’ of the Middle East. His personal success stories, case studies, extensive research and best practices have been shared to thousands of students at Harvard Business School, Oxford University, The University of Chicago, Hult International Business School, SP Jain Institute of Management, MIT College of Management, Indian School of Business, Cranfield University, Oshwal Community, Lagos Business School and hundreds of other schools.

He is the creator of the ‘RTS Family Business Governance Framework’, the ‘Family Business Toolbox’, and the ‘Unleash Your DNA’ international brand incorporating ‘The DNA Profiling & Dream Team Models’ and expanding series of Keynote Speeches, Masterclasses, Online Forums and Business Advisory Services. Over 3 million people and over 500,000 MDs/CEOs/GMs have been through his ‘Family Business Forums’ and ‘Unleash Your DNA’ private sessions and listened to his talks in 65 countries since 2002.

As impressive as his accomplishments are, it’s his generosity and kindness that impresses the most and one can see why he is advisor to some of the world’s most powerful businesses and families.

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