Interview with Fiona Wellington


Founded in Belgravia, London, in 2018, Myne London® specialises in sourcing emeralds ethically, sustainably and responsibly from Swat Valley, Pakistan. It works with local groups in the region to enhance the positive social impact of emerald mining, with a special focus on the education, training and fair employment of women. To achieve these goals, Myne London collaborates with designer-brands to find a creative home for its emerald supply, while also creating its own luxury fine jewellery collections that encompass its values of social and economic empowerments.

The business was founded by sisters Fiona Wellington and Kate Murray Gordos who were born in Malaysia and raised in both London and Peshawar, Pakistan. They travelled extensively across Pakistan including the Khyber regions and into Afghanistan and Kabul, thus establishing a deep relationship with the area. In 2018, they sent a team of experts, including gemmologist Charles Evans BSc FGA DGA, to investigate the little-known emerald mines hidden in the beautiful Swat Valley. The exceptional quality and rarity of the emeralds they found there were world class, thus establishing a new traceable and transparent route to market.