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Weekly Recap

Our top stories in luxury this week.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Unveils World’s First Watch With Four Faces

Our Take: This stunning masterpiece stole the show in our opinion making it our #1 pick for this years Watches and Wonders show.

AP's New Black Panther Watch With A Cause

Our Take: Although the collaboration is both monumental and impactful with the charity element, AP does not seem to have a good eye for this kind of collaboration. This is not a Black Panther watch, it is Black Panther on a watch. It’s a thumbs down from the audience.

Gucci most popular online luxury brand

Our Take: Gucci taking the lead is not surprising at all, although the order of the top 5 is. Also the presence of Rolex so high on the list compared to much bigger companies with a wider product offering was shocking.

Gucci 'hacks' Balenciaga

Our Take: In an epic collaboration for their 100th year anniversary Gucci pulls from many ideas and inspirations (in some cases straight out copies) to execute this eccentric collection. The pieces scream “Here is to the roaring 20s, now let’s party till sunlight!”.

DJ faces backlash due to racism

Our Take: You have to be stupid or dumb to post such things in this climate. Too often does this sort of behaviour get a pass in the luxury industry. This time we hope for real accountability not empty apologies.

Neiman Marcus faces rift with big luxury brands

Our Take: The big box experience is slowly being substituted by more intimate forms of in-person shopping or simply online shopping. Neiman cannot afford to mess this up…again.

Mercedes rolls out electric vehicle

Our Take: At a starting price of $110,000 it is unfair to say they are competing with Tesla. There is room on the market for a true luxury EV, and those buyers wont be considering a Tesla to replace their Rolls Royce. These are the customers Mercedes is after.

300,000 Euro diamond ring sold on Whatsapp

Our Take: When we think of online shopping we forget that the personal online relationships we keep are often through DMing. That’s what makes using Whatsapp or Wechat so effective. More brands should take this approach.