I first met Yemi years ago at a luxury wedding show. I had heard of him prior to our meeting as he was the only black couturier in the UK wedding industry at the time. Although the show did not go as well as planned, I was struck by his professionalism, calm demeanor and his grace under fire.

After a few years, we became friends and did many projects together. A consummate professional, he is kind and a great listener. He has a passion for creating beautiful silhouettes and his many brides are very grateful for his ability to make them look and feel amazing.

This podcast revealed a few things about him that I did not know and I’m sure you will enjoy listening to it at

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Yemi Osunkoya is the Founder and Head Designer of the Kosibah brand. After obtaining a BA Fine Art (Textile Design) Degree from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Nigeria and Diplomas in both Womenswear and Menswear from Paris Academy School of Fashion, London, UK, Yemi Established Kosibah in London in 1991 and is now based in Brooklyn NYC. Even as a small child Yemi Osunkoya had an exceptional eye for detail.

Mere minutes after attending weddings with his parents in his homeland of Nigeria, he would start sketching the elaborate designs he had seen adorning the bridal party, recreating everything from the bridesmaids’ parasols to the flower girls’ hemlines with the help of only pen and paper.

Years later he turned that talent into a flourishing career in couture. Yemi counts among his clients, members of the British Parliament, senior staff of the British Royal Family, daughters of a member of the British House of Lords, members of Royal Families, Actresses, Singers and other Celebrities.