I am absolutely thrilled to bring to you my interview with Angela Tunner, the founder of one of THE best luxury publications, EAT LOVE SAVOR®.

My first encounter with Angela was when I was notified that I had been named as one of her Masterful 100, alongside notable brands such as Rolls Royce, Cartier, Christofle, and Aston Martin. I couldn’t believe that little old me had been included and it was one of the defining moments of my luxury journey. Angela felt compelled to champion the idea of honouring excellence in luxury, which fit her editorial mandate and direction plus she felt it was very important, especially during a time of great turmoil amidst the fast-changing definition of luxury.

It is indeed a great honour for me to feature Angela on this blog, delve a little bit into her personality, luxury business and her life’s lessons.

1. Please describe EAT LOVE SAVOR® and what led you to set it up?

EAT LOVE SAVOR® is an idealist luxury lifestyle magazine and platform. An immersive luxury oasis away from the noise. A place of intellect, beauty, elegance, refinement, learning and tranquility. History blended with modernity. A feel good, value packed space in which luxury connoisseurs can indulge in and find pure pleasure.

For years I was in search of a site that offered an extraordinarily luxurious world, a place that was feminine in feel, that swept you away into an immersive luxury experience that inspired and elevated the senses. I could not find one. So I decided to create it myself. 100% online. This was back in 2010 and it was ahead of its time both because it was digital and because of its mission and values.

2. What is your favourite thing about working at your incredible publishing house?

How kind of you to see EAT LOVE SAVOR® as ‘incredible’.

In a word, ‘Freedom’ – it is one of my favorite things about my magazine. Freedom plays a huge role in who we are and the spirit behind our passionate purpose. It spans all aspects of our editorial, operations, products and services. There are many gifts that come with the creation of your own enterprise which includes doing something bold and breaking the rules. The dream when I founded EAT LOVE SAVOR® back in 2010 was to reimagine the magazine, break away from things like outdated structures of 9 to 5 operation, being ad-free so we aren’t beholden to anyone to free our editorial mandate and direction.

This freedom also created socially responsible opportunities like no wastefulness. Our special edition bookazines are timeless, filled with evergreen information, stories, great layouts and photography without interruption. They are a collectible, beautiful ode to luxury that never gets thrown away. We also chose print on demand instead of mass printing. We ship worldwide to our niche, only reaching those genuinely interested in it, current issues and archives rather than mass production. Many copies of mass printed magazines end up recycled and never read.

3. Is there one client you dream of working with?

More than the name of a dream client, it has to do with the ” type”. Strategically we are aimed directly at our niche so win/win partnerships with companies that reach our niche is the dream that gives us further reaching to the discerning and sophisticated affluent, HNW and UHNW clients around the world and the luxury sector actors would be ideal. For consumers, partnering with high end membership based credit cards or private clubs for instance. For the luxury sector, collaborating with luxury organizations that resonate with our mission, ethos and vision would be splendid. We are also open to exploring inspiring new possibilities for partnerships that we may not have even thought of yet.

4. How do you curate such beautiful content and how has that evolved over time?

My luxury curatorial abilities were a lifetime in the making and have a lot to do with vast ongoing study and a honed mindset. It’s part of the creative and enchanting magic of EAT LOVE SAVOR®. I’ve invested a significant amount of years building a knowledge base and refining my eye. I’ve also built up a wide array of skills and knowledge, across a wide spectrum of disciplines including fine art, interior design, retail, hospitality / fine food, wine and spirits, fashion merchandising, antiques, quality control and manufacturing working with military, fine wine, graphic arts, website building, working with nonprofits and more. I am also a voracious reader and continually take courses to further my education. Everything I learn and do informs me and continues to hone my eye in this ever evolving world and sector.

5. What has been the most impressive brand you've ever featured?

Of all the luxury brands we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past decade, the most impressive without question is Rolls-Royce Motorcars. We are honoured to work with them and have for a number of years and immensely enjoy collaborating with their wonderful staff from around the world. Everything they do is exceptional. Their brand and how they express themselves and what they do for their client is truly at the apex of luxury.

6. What are the different types of products and services you provide?

EAT LOVE SAVOR® is a platform, an online magazine, a special edition collectible bookazine, an independent media outlet with a new podcast coming soon. We’ve just recorded the pilot. We are a membership based community offering its paid members all access to our resources, products and new personal shopping services. Our content is written by luxury experts and we offer select experts the opportunity to amplify their message and knowledge on our platform. We open the door to them to contribute to the publication.

We also champion SME luxury brands and created something special for them. Our Elite Partner initiative offers a robust ecosystem of business excellence and development that includes human to human, B2B relationships, an additional source for referrals, online sales in our eboutique, affiliate marketing, collaboration with our platform and affinity marketing with other luxury professionals from around the world. Our partners serve at a very high level, which includes high profile, high net worth, high level professionals and corporations, royalty and government officials.

7. What services are crucial for luxury businesses in 2021?

Of the many luxury businesses that I’ve spoken to from around the world, they all agree that the personal touch, serving their customer in a more human to human manner is crucial in 2021 and beyond. While the internet and digital communications are important, they are a bridge to the individuals who are their customers. Digital can never replace the human touch, but it certainly can facilitate the process of engagement, connection and reach people wherever they are.

8. How can a brand build a relationship with you?

While it is easy to reach out on social media to get our attention, which we welcome as it is fast, the gesture of a properly formed email introduction is our favorite. We deeply appreciate those pitches that were clearly researched before sending to us, those that are truly a fit for tour readership, brand, voice and ethos.

(Now this is where we change it up a bit and the questions become a bit personal)

9. Where would you recommend going for afternoon tea?

I love Afternoon tea! There are so many great places around the world that serve great afternoon tea it’s hard to choose. They all have their charms, from that something special they serve, their atmosphere and level of service. From 5 star luxury hotels to afternoon tea shops, they are always a delicious adventure! Too many good ones to single out just one.

I also like creating an afternoon tea experience at home; I have even before Covid resulted in having to create more experiences at home. To make it as special as possible, I visit my favorite bakeries or have them deliver and select what to add to my three-tiered tray. If an item is large, I’ll cut them into smaller sizes for serving. Pull out my tea service, silver trays, cloth napkins, silver cutlery and make a pot of tea, loose leaf of course and a vase of fresh flowers. To create this into a luxury moment, I’ll select an ideal spot in my house, somewhere plush and ultra comfortable, fragrance it with essential oils in a diffuser or reeds in home fragrance, perhaps set up a table by the window, a very comfortable chair, or on the sofa with tray tables, play some favored music or put on a movie and enjoy!

10. Can you tell us about the best holiday you've ever had?

One of my favorites was a wonderful ultra-relaxing 10-day all inclusive private resort holiday in the Domonican Republic. I had a whole 6-bedroom private villa complete with a maid, chef and private pool. No devices. Such a digitally disconnective was a thoroughly restful holiday and provided great moments of complete disconnection from the rigors of daily activities. It was walking distance from the ocean where I took daily walks, it was such a wonderful experience.

11. Where do you get your personal stationery from?

I love to get personal stationery from a variety of places. Depends on my mood and where I am exploring or finding fabulous purveyors of fine paper products. There is so much to discover and appreciate in the world of stationery. As much as my life and work exists in the digital space, my love for the tactile experience of paper is eternal. There is nothing like receiving something handwritten on beautiful paper and in a beautiful envelope. This makes your words so much more precious and meaningful.

12. What's your favourite type of architecture?

I appreciate many types of architecture, they all have their charms. Though my preference leans towards the more traditional and ornate. Classical, Neoclassical, Baroque, Renaissance and Georgian style…There is something so beautiful and captivating about buildings with detail and character, something decidedly more stately that has great lines and much beauty for the eye to behold. Whilst I appreciate some modern architecture I find the concrete box, stripped down and plainly minimalistic uninspiring. I prefer buildings and residences with history, visual presence and grace.

13. If you could commision a piece of art what would it be and who would it be from?

I love oil painting portraits, still life and landscapes in beautiful old masters style. A lovely commission would be portraits of myself and my only child set in ornate gold frames, they would be such loved and cherished pieces. Timeless. I haven’t yet identified one particular artist I would wish to work with but am sure when the time comes, the right artist will appear.

14. What are your must-have bath products?

I love all manner of bodycare and bath products from different sources. I have tried a good many of them from therapeutic through luxurious. I love to try new brands I’ve never tried before. Taking care of your skin and self is incredibly important and I love the rituals of self care. Taking in the beautiful packaging, fragrance, how they make you feel… the whole experience is positively delicious!

15. Who has been your most memorable bartender?

I am not one for going out to bars for years now, so I don’t have a memorable bartender. I do love making cocktails at home, and hosting cocktail and dinner parties with the same attention to detail I did when I co-owned a bistro. I enjoy learning how to make new beverages to add to my repertoire, and will use both the internet to research and my Mr. Boston Bartender’s Guide for reference. I created my own cocktail using my favorite gin, Hendricks, I call “Sterling Rose” a gin cocktail triple infused with rose and garnished with cucumber and rose petals.

16. When it comes to Champagne do you prefer Champagne from an "old" house or a "new" one?

I love champagne. Most of the champagnes I gravitate to are from the old houses like Krus, ruinart and Dom Perignon. But I am not adverse to trying out some new ones. It is one of my favorite wines to pair with meals, and to have anytime, no special occasion needed – living well is celebration enough! Brut or sweet, selection depends on what it’s being paired with. Champagne is wonderful paired with Italian food. I love Champagne de Venoge with Italian dishes.

17. What's your favourite restaurant meal?

I am a lover of great food, and there are too many dishes and styles I enjoy to be able to single out just one; lI ove French, Italian, Asian, Greek and more. I love the rituals and ceremonial nature of dining. What I choose to dine on, and where, depends on my mood.

18. If you had an unlimited budget for a shopping spree, where would you go?

My preference for an unlimited budget opportunity would be more than just shopping. It would be an unlimited budget luxury weekend moment! One where I and my desired guests could combine a total olfactory experience with some shopping. A luxury moment spent over a weekend at a fine hotel, dining on great food, visiting art galleries and museums, doing a bit of shopping, taking in the opera, symphony or ballet, cocktails, an afternoon aboard a yacht for lunch, a day at the spa visit whilst being carried back and forth by a chauffeur driven car… that would be my unlimited budget luxury moment!

19. If you could get your family anything, what would it be?

As a single mother of one, the biggest gift I can give to my child is more of my time. I work hard in building my enterprise so that I can free up more of my time to just be there and create even more family moments.

20. Where is the best food hall in the world?

I haven’t been to enough to say which one definitely, however, if I were in London, I would be spending considerable time in the Harrods and Fortnum and Mason food halls drinking in the atmosphere and making discovery after delightful discovery. When it comes to fine food and wine shops I am like a child in a sweet shop. I have a long and ongoing love affair with fine food and exploring fabulous ingredients to play with and to create, food preparation and presentation, since my career long ago as a sous chef, co-owner and manager of a Wine Spectator award winning bistro. And of course I’d have to leave Fortnum and Mason with one of their splendid hampers and bottles of champagne to continue to create more delightful and luxuriously delicious moments in my personal space, savoring each bite and sip thoroughly whilst cradled in supreme comfort.

21. What's your dream credit card and why?

I don’t have a dream credit card. However, at a certain level, credit cards become so much more than vehicles for payment, they are vehicles for living. I haven’t one in particular that I gravitate to but certainly one that in addition to the expected features, one that offered concierge services and lifestyle assistance.

22. Where can we find you on Social Media?

We are on many channels including:


We welcome luxury aficionados to discover EAT LOVE SAVOR® on our website on the various channels where we spend time, sharing musings, insights, inspiration and food for thought. We look forward to chatting with you to introduce you to our world!