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Hunt Communications

Today I am absolutely thrilled to interview Harriet Hunt, Founder of Hunt Communications. She is someone I admire greatly due to her work ethic and client centred and considered approach in the field of luxury marketing and PR. She works with some of the world’s most authoritative press, high-level influencers and thought-leaders to position the brands she works with strategically.

Her experience across the luxury sector, particularly in fashion and lifestyle, travel and hospitality, interiors and bridal brands, means that she is able to offer her clients innovative solutions that come from the cross pollination of their different intellectual capital.

Once she establishes what your purpose and your why is, she will suggest ways to communicate it in a way that resonates and creates a deep emotional response in your target audience. Harriet also co-founded the charity, Duty to Care, an organisation that provides wellbeing support via online consultation to improve and sustain the mental health and wellbeing of healthcare professionals.

1. Can you please describe Hunt Communications and what led you to set it up?

We are a luxury brand strategy and communications agency. We are lucky enough to service some of the most famous luxury brands in the UK, ranging from jewellery to bridal, fashion, interiors and hospitality. I set the agency up 7 years ago driven by the desire to get closer to clients and to build them by acting as an extension of their in-house teams, whilst packing the punch of a global agency with our contacts and experience.

2. What is your favourite thing about working in your business?

Calculating ultra-specific KPIs based on business objectives and delivering against them. Steering clients through the good times and the bad, helping them pivot, re-align and story-tell to succeed. There is nothing more satisfying than a client saying we have exceeded expectations, making a marked, lasting impact on their bottom line. We proactively challenge the way they think and operate, applying insights and a forward-thinking mindset.

3. Is there one client you dream of working with?

What really excites us is when a brand goes to great lengths pushing to do something new and different that will have a significant, long-term impact on their sector and on the consumer. Whether it’s a new sustainability initiative, a ground-breaking service, a charity link-up or the incorporation of a new tech product – anything pioneering is extremely humbling to see up close, and always a privilege to shout about.

4. Who is your typical client and has that evolved with time?

When I founded the agency it was with a strong desire not to specialise to the point where you become blinkered. Now, as partnerships have become all the more significant and powerful, our diverse roster has become one of our key strengths. Though our portfolio spans across many sub-sectors, from fashion to lifestyle and everything in between, our clients are generally like-minded people who we love working with. They are driven, passionate, commercially-minded entrepreneurs who look to us to help them think outside the box. And they all have a good sense of humour! We share a mutual respect and most importantly, common goals.

5. Are you currently taking on more clients and how much notice do you need for anyone to work with you?

We love meeting new brands, whatever stage of their communications journey they are at – whether it is purely explorative or in relation to a specific project or brief. We are always open to discussing strategy and possible ways of working together. That said, if we aren’t able to fulfil their individual needs we have a network of practitioners who we are always happy to introduce.

6. What are the different types of services you provide?

  • Delivering effective editorial that grows brand profiles and delivers traffic (on and offline) generating sales
  • Planning and executing events
  • Orchestrating celebrity and influencer placement
  • Creating content and implementing SEO strategies
  • Creating and managing ad campaigns across traditional and digital platforms
  • Initiating cross-promotional marketing and strategic partnerships.

7. What services are crucial for luxury businesses in 2021?

A combined digital PR and content approach is key, to ensure brands are engaging with a wider global audience.

Story-telling needs to go up a notch too, and there is a need for genuine authenticity across every area of a business. Consumers are looking to brands to be value and purpose-driven, therefore having a clear set of goals and missions that go beyond expectations is key.

8. How can a brand build a relationship with you?

Let’s simply have a chat, via phone or zoom!

9. Where would you recommend going for afternoon tea?

It has to be Royal Ascot!

10. Can you tell us about the best holiday you've ever had?

Honeymooning around Italy. 2 weeks of wine, pasta and road tripping with beautiful scenery.

11. Where do you get your personal stationery from?

Newly discovered Memo Press, by the very talented and artistic Alice Edwards.

12. What's your favourite style of architecture?

Period properties with cosy nooks and crannies.

13. If you could commision a piece of art, what would it be and who would it be from?

I adore Violet Astor’s art – she incorporates natural, homemade and recycled materials in a very thought provoking way and I love that she can incorporate pieces of a real place into a piece of work. I also love watching Florence Brudenell-Bruce working on her incredible pottery from her home in the Bahamas via instagram.

14. What are your must have bath products?

Charlotte Tilbury face mask.

15. Who has been your most memorable bartender?

The Bar at The Dorchester

16. When it comes to Champagne do you prefer Champagne from an "old" house or a "new" one?

I love nothing more than learning about the history and heritage of some of the oldest Champagne houses, but equally there are so many exciting new products coming to market in the drinks business too – many of whom launch in such fresh, innovative ways. As PR consultants it is always the story behind the campaign that draws us in, however old or new the brand or product is… Exciting tales of a new production method, a particularly personal journey of a founder or a new creative partnership – that always catches the eye.

17. What's your favourite restaurant meal?

Steak from CUT, 45 Park Lane.

18. If you had an unlimited budget for a shopping spree, where would you go?


19. If you could get your family anything, what would it be?

An appreciation for the present.

20. Where is the best food hall in London?


21. Where can we find you?
Instagram @hunt-communications

Thank you Harriet and we appreciate your time.
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