Meet Pippa MacKenzie

Luxury Wedding and Event Photographer

Today I am very excited to bring you another amazing luxury expert in their field. I first met Pippa at an intimate luxury conference at the Jumeirah Carlton about 10 years ago where she was one of the speakers. She was something of a hero to another photographer friend of mine and I was quite keen to see why. I have to say that Pippa’s presentation was the highlight of the conference. Her photography without question was of course excellent. But what she shared (which is quite rare) was HOW she entered a saturated market, differentiated herself and became one of the best known wedding photographers.

Her story really resonated with me and if you have the opportunity to see one of her LIFE books, your jaw will hit the floor like mine did. They are definitely not photo albums as you know it. They are heirlooms you will be glad to pass on to your children!

1. Describe your business and what led you to set it up?

Pippa Mackenzie Photography is a luxury photography brand offering exceptionally beautiful and personal photography experiences for sophisticated clients who are hosting elegant weddings and private celebrations in the UK and around the world.

I started the business in 2005. I had spent the previous four years travelling around the world as a documentary TV producer and photographer. I had just finished working on a double BAFTA award winning wildlife series and had got engaged. Looking for our own wedding photographer enabled me to see a gap in the market for creating exceptional photography experiences. The timing was perfect and the rest is history!

2. What is your favourite thing about working in your business?

There are so many things I love! I get to work alongside my husband every day. Together our skills and experience complement each other perfectly. We get to travel to some of the world’s most stunning locations and document incredibly special stories. We work with some of the most talented industry experts from stylists to planners, florists to entertainers. I love working with amazing teams to create an exceptional sensory experience for the client. Constantly pushing our creativity and making a difference to other people’s lives. I love the flexibility that comes from having our own business. – We get to enjoy and see our daughter growing up.

3. Is there one client you dream of working with?

We’ve been incredibly lucky to have worked with many of our dream clients.
However, one that particularly comes to mind was a gorgeous couple who had their wedding in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. We were flown out from the UK in a private plane to Kilimanjaro. Hopper planes and 4×4 ground transport then took us to The Four Seasons Hotel where we had exclusive use for four days. Dawn safaris, cocktails at sundown under the shade of a beautiful acacia tree, chilling by the pool, an extraordinary photoshoot with the Masai Warriors, incredible live music from Mikky Ekko, and the most romantic wedding too that took place overlooking the Serengeti plains!

4. Who is your typical client and has that evolved over time?

All our clients are looking for exceptional photography but they’re also looking for something more. Yes, they want stunning photographs, but they also want to be taken on a beautiful adventure, to feel special, with the most luxurious and personal heirloom to remember it all by,

5. How much notice do you need for anyone to work with you?

We take on a limited number of commissions each year to ensure the highest quality of service to all our clients. We often get booked up several years in advance, but we’ve also been known to take on a new client with just a few weeks notice. There is no set notice time. Typically there is 9-12 months lead time. Summer months always get booked up fast.

6. What are the different types of services you provide?

We offer stunning documentary story-telling style photography, capturing ny special events and celebrations. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

We are also family lifestyle photographers – many of our wedding clients go on to have us as their family photographers, capturing key moments in their lives.

To all our clients, we create our signature LIFE book – acclaimed as one of the world’s most beautiful, personal and luxury heirlooms.

We also offer a LIFE design service for clients who have photos they would love to have created into a very special heirloom.

I am a qualified NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and Life coach. I offer 1-to-1 mindset and business mentoring and coaching to creatives in the wedding industry who are either at the beginning or looking to upscale their business. This includes 1-to-1 luxury retreats at our home in West Sussex, – enabling entrepreneurs to escape from the hustle and bustle of their normal life and get away for a few days to focus on themselves and their business.

Ian is also a drone pilot and a designer. He offers branding, website design, photography and filming for small businesses.

7. What services are crucial for luxury businesses in 2021?

To have a brand that creates and communicates exceptional value and quality for its customers. To entice their customers through emotional experiences. Exceptional quality that is always consistent.

8. How can a brand build a relationship with you?

To connect and engage with us in an authentic way. To propose collaborations that are genuinely beneficial from both sides.

9. Where would you recommend going for afternoon tea?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea – One Aldwych, London Mad Hatter’s in London and Norwood Bungalow, Tea Trails in Sri Lanka.

10. Can you tell us about the best holiday you’ve ever had?

Oh, can I answer with two?! The Maldives for glorious chilling out, cocktails, indulging in fabulous food and sunshine. Whistler in Canada for skiing and winter adventure.

11. Where do you get your personal stationery from?

We’re lucky having Ian as a designer. He designs all our stationery in-house and we use various professional printers which match the quality of what we do.

12. What’s your dream car?

I have had BMW minis for the last ten years in various different forms and love them! My favourite has to be the sporty soft-top!

13. If you could have a new kitchen, who would you get in to do it?

Without a doubt, I would have Axel Vervoordt to design our kitchen. Infact our entire home for their refined simplicity. They believe that a home should be a personal expression of your soul and should represent the way you live, the ideas that define your tastes, perspectives and connections to the world.

14. What are your favourite bath products?

I adore all the Neom products – their bath foam is gorgeously luxurious and their candles are insane too, to have burning during your soak. They have a range of delicious scents from “Happiness” to “Tranquillity” and “Boost your Energy”.

I also love Goop’s “The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak. Not just for its name but it has Epsom and Himalayan pink salts with chia seed oil to help you relax your mind and ease tense muscles. It’s gorgeous!

15. Who is the best hairstylist you know?

Errol Douglas. He’s a legend and simply a genius with hair!

16. What’s your favourite restaurant meal?

I love live music and candlelight, cocktails, great wine and a delicious but not an overly fussy menu. The more locally sourced the food the better.

17. If you had an unlimited budget for a shopping spree, where would you go?

Selfridges and the Punta Arabi Hippy market in Ibiza. My taste is very eclectic!

18. If you could get your children anything, what would it be?

I’d give her as many incredible and extraordinary travel experiences around the world as I possibly could. From a safari in Africa, to seeing the Northern lights in Norway, night swimming in bioluminescence, snorkelling with manta rays in Hawaii, visiting temples, meeting tribes, sleeping under the stars, – the list is endless!

19. Has a piece of jewellery ever made you happy?

The engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring my husband has given to me at the various stages of our journey together. He proposed to me in a plane, we got married in a castle in Scotland, and he presented me with my eternity ring when we had our daughter Poppy – after a 7 year journey to have children.

20. What’s your dream credit card and why?

I don’t have one. n/a

21. Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram – @pippamackenzie and @pippamackenziecoaching

I absolutely loved getting to know Pippa a bit better and some of her answers made me smile. If you run a luxury business and would love to appear on our “Meet the Founder” series, email me at