Michael Darko: Founder of Farringdon Jets - Private Jets Charter

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing the very charming and savvy Michael Darko, founder of Farringdon Jets for the Luxury Business Podcast. His story was very fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

Michael’s  childhood fascination with all things aviation attracted him to many flight museums in his youth and ultimately culminated in his first pilot lesson at 14 years-old when he joined the UK’s Royal Airforce cadets. Although he never lost sight of his passion, life led him in a different direction as he discovered my propensity for business and finance.

Listen to his story as he tells us about how he came to live in Columbia after falling in love with the country while on holiday there several years ago here https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/michael-darko-founder-of-farringdon-jets-private/id1607790782?i=1000597193222


After falling in love with Colombia while on holiday there several years ago, I decided to make this beautiful country my home. I now work closely with a consortium of British Independent Financial Advisors serving nationals and ex-pats across Latin America and beyond. Along the way, I became extremely familiar with the exigencies of High- and Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals. That’s when I realized an opportunity to merge my profound passions for aviation and business in a way that bridges the gap between safety-conscious VIPs and secure international travel.

I launched Farringdon Jets in 2020 to deliver excellence and reliability in luxury charter jet services to an elite clientele. I personally understand the safety concerns my clients have regarding their travels, especially in certain locations. That’s why I’ve tailored this venture to be the world’s most security-focused private jet charter company. Now, I’m leveraging my integrity-driven professional background and specialized skillset in international finance to flawlessly predict and cater to the needs of our esteemed clients whilst also providing protection.

Since founding this business, I’ve amassed an incredible team of experts that bring over ten years of highly-qualified experience to the table. Together, our united force has continued to raise the bar for industry standards. We can’t wait to exceed your every expectation!

Climate change, CO2 emissions and environmental sustainability have been hot topics across all industries in recent years, and private aviation is no exception. Green initiatives are at the forefront of many businesses, new and old. At Farringdon Jets, we do our utmost to reduce the carbon footprint of our clients on each trip and offset their carbon emissions. Empty legs and ferry flights are flights where aircraft need to be repositioned either back to base or for an onward journey. By proposing these otherwise empty flights as charter options and incorporating them into travel plans where possible, we provide clients the opportunity to travel greener and at a reduced cost.


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