One of the things I am most proud of this year is creating  the Luxury Business Emporium. It was set up in response to business colleagues wanting to know how to protect and future proof their businesses in response to the pandemic.

Story time

When the first lockdown hit us in the UK, I was asked to speak at a luxury business symposium in my capacity as a luxury business coach. Lots of people were scared and apprehensive of what the future might hold. No one had ever gone through anything like this before.

To prepare for my talk, I went through historical archives on pandemics and read lots of scientific articles and journals. My background as a researcher and Microbiologist helped and with my coaching hat on, I was able to identify 5 key strands to my talk.

They were:

– Luxury Buyer Behaviour
– Luxury Consumer Psychology
– New Regulations
– New Technology and Innovation
– Impact on Luxury Business

However, the overarching framework is the luxury client’s mental, emotional, and psychological response to what was unfolding as there is no point in setting strategies and goals that are not centred around the luxury client.

Buckle Up

As I spoke to my audience, a lot of what I said resonated. I broke down luxury clients into their different categories and types and spoke about their psychological triggers. I had assumed that everyone working in luxury knew this. But apparently many did not.

The feedback my talk received was amazing and here are some of the comments:

Best webinar so far! Valuable content I haven’t found elsewhere, delivered in a very practical way.

Great content….Great value.

Fantastic webinar! Elizabeth was engaging, I haven’t learned that many interesting things since a very long time.


I have been in the luxury sector for over 25 years, and have dealt with these same clients around the world, but have never had their personalities sorted so perfectly with the relevant actions to take for each spelt out so succinctly. Brilliant.

So I thought, hmm, maybe I’m onto something here and seeing as I really enjoyed advising and coaching, I set up a private Facebook group which many listeners joined and it’s been going from strength to strength.

I start this luxury business coaching journey with a great deal of excitement and joy. I will be sharing my many adventures and nuggets of wisdom with you so you can grow your businesses and awaken your worth. Visit the Luxury Business Mastery Academy link to read about all my plans for you.

If attracting affluent and luxury clients is the goal for your business, you have definitely come to the right place.
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